DLG Canned - Green Tripe and Beef Heart

Canned Formulation of Green Tripe and Beef Heart  

Composed of a very high percentage of Green Tripe, Beef Heart and Beef Meat broth without any unnatural additives. Green Tripe is an irresistible healthy treat for your dog ... a feast! .. but also perfectly suitable for mixing with Dog Lovers Gold dry food.
Available in easy-to-open 800 gram cans in a convenient 6 pack case.
Refrigerate after opening and discard after 3 days. Keep well closed!

  • All Natural ingrediënts!
  • Formulated without any grains. NO added fillers!
  • NO artifical flavors or colourants!
  • Delicious Taste! - Your Dog loves it!
  • Moisture made out of Beef Meat Broth!
  • Very benificial for Dogs with sensitive skin and stomach.
  • Excellent digestibility!

Composition: Green Tripe (60%), Beef Heart (13%), Beef Meat Broth (27%)

Analytical constituents: protein: min 10.9%, fat: min 7.6%, fiber 0.3%, ash: 2.0%, moisture: 73%.
Trace elements: Contains no additives. Contains traces of vitamins and minerals as present in the natural resources.
This is not a complete maintenance feed.

This formula has a energy value of 1368 ME kcal/kg of which 436 calories comes from proteins, 684 calories from fats and oils and 248 calories from carbohydrates. 731 grams of this food provides 1000 calories and 1.46 gram of calcium and 1.10 gram of phosphor.