Hello Dog Lovers Gold,

We very much like to tell you about our experience with Dog Lovers Gold and how our pets responded to it.
We have noticed a more glossy coat, more energy, no more ´little accidents` in the house and no more skin problems. Our cat is also starting to eat your product and she too starts to look healthier.
We are really very glad that our dog, despite his gluten-allergy, is now feeling and looking much better than before

Kind regards, Nina & Jouke from Tzum in Friesland

Dear DLG,

To my great surprise Cayenne is doing fantastic on your DLG. She digests her kibble very good and start to look wonderful after her sterilization and hair loss period.

Many thanks,

Anneke Hendriks, Overveen.

Dear Dog Lovers Gold distributor,

My dog, a German Shepherd, has a bad food allergy. I have tried many different dog foods, made from lamb and rice (hypo-allergenic), but he never responded well to it. He became very thin and listless.
After receiving a tip from a friend I decide to use Dog Lovers Gold and the results are truly amazing!
My dog´s coat looks wonderful, he is loaded with energy and he has no trouble now maintaining his weight!
I highly recommend your food to everyone!

Jaap van der Veen - Harderwijk

Thanks Dog Lovers Gold!

Maxim our Labrador male had different coat and skin problems for several months. We tried many different dog foods but nothing worked. Our vet advised us to use a special diet, it was very expensive but didn´t work either. From a befriended Labrador owner we heard about your food and decided to give it a try. Much to our surprise after only 4 weeks on Dog Lovers Gold Maxim started to look much better en now 3 months later he doesn´t have any problems anymore ! His coat is shiny and the little red spots have disappeared.
This food really saved Maxim! Our two other dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Jack Russell, are also doing great on Dog Lovers Gold. Thank you very much. We recommend your food to every dog owner.

Jolanda Middelaar, Tilburg

Dear People

My name is Harry van der Velde and together with my dogs Tara en Dingo I perform a street-act and also work at circus Zanzara, a small family circus. Tara en Dingo are working Kelpie's.
In Australia this breed is used to work with sheep. They are very energetic dogs that will do anything for me. Working with ducks or sheep or jumping over a line of children they will do it all!

With my youngest dog, 3 year old Dingo, I experienced some problems. After several test by my veterinarian it was discovered he had a food-allergy.
I have tried many different diets, including frozen fresh meats and expensive dry foods. Frozen food products are not very practical during circus periods and when mixed with dry food he responded badly.

Since 9 months I feed Dog Lovers Gold to Dingo. This works well. Dingo´s coat looks perfect, it´s soft and shiny and he is in a very good condition. Since a couple months I also feed it to Tara, she is 9 year old, and with the same good results. I´m also glad to say that Dog Lovers Gold´s price is very affordable!

Kindest regards, Harry

Dog Lovers Gold works!

I am Bartje, a happy Standard Poodle. Together with my friend Miepie the Border Terrier and my masters I live in Alphen aan de Rijn. 18 months ago I was picked up at ´Dizzy bell´ my dear breeders home. Actually that is where my problems with bowel disorders already started. The vet said I had to eat hypo-allergenic kibble and that this would help. But unfortunately… my problems didn´t get any better and I lost a lot of weight. My master finally said, enough…. It´s time to try something else!

I tried some fresh meats with but it wasn´t really my thing .... Once again back to the vet and after a lot of testing they still said the hypo-allergenic kibble was the best for me. All I wanted was some tasteful food and no bowel problems. After a tip from my master´s friend I tried Dog Lovers Gold and guess what… no more bowel disorders. The kibble´s taste is lovely and no more cramps every hour of the day. What caused my problem?... I still don´t know, but I do know Dog Lovers Gold took care of it, and I can eat it without any worry´s.

Greetings from Jolanda and Bartje .

Yente receives a lot of compliments!

Yente is a Bernese Mountain female from 2 years old. Before we started to feed her DLG she was fed two other brands. We were looking for an all natural brand and in the summer of 2005 we put her on Dog Lovers Gold for the first time. It took Yente a little time to get used to her new food but soon she enjoyed it a lot.
She receives a lot of compliments on her shiny curly coat. Bernese Mountain dogs often have digestion problems but Yente has no problems with that. We are very pleased with the price/quality ratio from DLG.
We took this picture from Yente a few weeks ago.

Kind Regards
Teade and Marike Groen

Our cats are satisfied!

Our cats Loekie and Mientes are crazy on Cat Lovers Gold. A little while ago our store was sold out and boy.. .did we know it! We tried a bunch of other foods but the cats were very restless. We and the cats are real pleased to find Cat Lovers Gold available again and we immediately purchased 4 bags. It´s also an advantage that the cats need less of this food so it´s actually cheaper than most other brands. Our cat Loekie always lost a lot of hair but since eating Cat Lovers Gold I noticed this got a lot better. Our cats are satisfied and so are we.

Margriet, Johan en Lotte.

I´m very pleased!

In the picture is Mike my Labrador, doesn´t he look fantastic!
Not so long ago he looked totally different, he was always itchy and losing his coat. After having tried a lot of different dry foods I decided to look for a food with only natural ingredients. In the weekends I feed all my dogs fresh tripe

and during the week days I prefer to feed a dry food without any artificials and such.
I found Dog Lovers Gold by searching on the internet! We breed Labradors and Dachshunds and since a couple months I feed al my dogs this brand and with very good results! I´m very pleased with how they look and their digestion, they have beautiful coats and better stools than before!

Marja Beijer from Rotterdam
Sophie's Home

Very satisfied !

Hello everyone, my name is Boy, this is my picture, I am a big strong male, but that was not always the case.
When I was younger I was frequently sick and my coat was really bad I was itchy all the time and had dandruff, also my coat wasn´t healthy and lacking the deep black colour it was suppose to be.
My master  tried everything for me even oil drops in my food and different foods all the time, but nothing helped
Then my master found Dog Lovers Gold on the internet and since then my coat and skin problems are over. My master also told a friend of hers about this food and while this friend´s dog is a bad eater with a disliking for many foods,… she ate my kibbles with great taste and now looks like a million dollars herself. Now her master is happy too.

 Best regards from Boy and Ms. Hendrickx

Finally the misery is over!

I am a New Foundlander and had some major problems with my coat and skin. I didn´t gain any weight when I was a puppy because of all the stress. My skin was smelly because I had little red spots all over my body, it was really bad. When my breeder came to visit me after hearing about my problems she was shocked about how I looked and said I could die if this continued much longer. After having tried many different foods my master put me on Dog Lovers Gold. Finally the misery was over! Now I have a healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat that makes my master very happy. Whenever we visit a dog show I always get compliments about my thick beautiful coat. Who could have dreamed this!

Amayetta Valstar

Now he eats his kibble!

Hello everyone,

I like to share with you the story on my dog Guy.I believe he is the biggest and sweetest English
Cocker Spaniel in the world.
Guy can be very stubborn and is also a finicky eater.
We have tried many different brands but he refused to eat it. Luckily through a friend I heard about Dog Lovers Gold. Guy who usually turns his nose away for new foods liked this brand very much. Now he eats his kibble! He looks in great health and also our vet said he looks in perfect condition
We are so pleased with this brand and love our Cocker so much that we hope to grow very old together.
 If anyone reading this want their dog to look as good as Guy we highly recommend this brand.

 Ronald, Sylvia and  Guy


No more urine loss!

Since six weeks I feed Dog Lovers Gold to my dogs, two old Retrievers from almost 16 year old and a young crossbred Sheepdog/Dachshund. One of the Retrievers (sterilized female) had for more than one year problems with urine loss during her sleep. At first it was just a minor problem but gradually it got worse even to a point that she wasn´t sleeping but just resting. I was at the point to treat her with medication.
Just like the other dogs she was always fed a super-premium brand and a complete fresh food. Logically I figured the diet had nothing to do with her urine loss. I was wrong!

After just1 week on Dog Lovers Gold her urine loss started to improve and after the second week it had stopped. Now 6 weeks later- No more urine loss! The only thing I changed was her food. Furthermore they all have shiny coats, bright eyes and a little less stiff after a long walk. I´m very impressed with this food and very glad that my beloved old dog doesn´t need any medications. This is the first time I´ve been so happy about any brand of pet food that I l wish to make this public. My two cats will be on Cat Lovers Gold as soon as their old food has finished.

Best Regards,
V. Kouwenhoven and the dogs Puck (almost 16), Lou (almost 16) and Pippa (1)

Mo more skin problems

Our Dalmation Jasper had a lot of skin problems when he was a pup. According to our vet this was caused by his feeding. We tried many different brands including some very expensive ones but he always kept an itch and red spots.

Until a few years ago when Anja invited us to try this new dog food on the market. She gave us a sample bag to try with Jasper and his first introduction to the food was remarkable. Before we even had the time to open the bag for him he already came running into the kitchen and started to dig into the bag. We just barely managed to keep him from ripping the bag apart. So it was clear from the start he liked this food but more importantly his skin problems cleared up beautifully and never came back. Now he has a shiny and healthy coat and skin and no more problems. In the mean time Jasper has a girlfriend in the house and she too eats her Dog Lovers Gold with much taste.

Our dogs are eating Dog Lovers Gold now for several years and they still enjoy it a lot. Often people come up to us and give us compliments on how beautiful and healthy they look. People say ‘you must take real good care of them’ yes, we sure do and good care is all about a good healthy food!

Chris and Akkie Hiemstra from Meppel in Holland

This is so much better!

It is with a great pleasure I’m informing you that our Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs are doing remarkable well on your dog food Dog Lovers Gold. We recently acquired a new pup, imported from Finland, and he too is doing very good on the food. Beautiful coats, lots of stamina and just very satisfied dogs! What more can you ask for?

We are so pleased with this food that we have mentioned it on our site click on CV.

People this food is super good stuff, incomparable with any other so called top brand. This is so much better!

Fancier and breeder of Southern Redneck Catahoula’s.

Very satisfied with Dog Lovers Gold

After I heard that the breeder of my 3 Golden Retrievers had switched to Dog Lovers Gold I started to feed my dogs in the summer of 2008 this same kibble. I have tried many different brands in the past but I have to admit I’m more satisfied with Dog Lovers Gold than with any other dry food out there. My dogs look fantastic, their coat is soft and shiny, it’s affordable and what I also noticed is a lot less waist.

My neighbors got a new 5 month old Labrador pup and it is a true heartbreaker but his coat was in a terrible condition, he was constantly itching himself. The vet said he had to be fed a very expensive prescription food. Well, I gave them a bag of Dog Lovers Gold and in less than 2 months his coat cleared right up. Now he looks just like the sweetheart he really is. To sum it up, we are all very satisfied with this great food. I can truly recommend it!

Linda Sikkens from Amsterdam

My cats have discovered the difference!

Is the quality of the new bag of Cat Lovers Gold so bad?

Or are the kibbles so tasty??

My darlings have opened the bag by themselves... for information; their bowl was filled with kibbles (the old CLG) and the old bag was in the room.

My cats have discovered the difference;))

Patricia Schut

CACIB dog show in Serbia

Hello Dog Lovers team

Hello Dog Lovers team,

I just wanted to send you a feedback about the food Dog Lovers Gold on my dog. I have a nice picture of my Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) Kiba, after 5 months on your Dog Lovers Gold.

Kiba is just 7 months old and already started her training for defence/guard dog and he makes people crazy as he is so full of energy with great natural conditioning.

Congrats on your business and I would like to tell you it is the BEST dry food I ever used. My dog looks really great with it. Also I didn't have any problem with a raising another litter of pups over the last 4 months. No skin problem, no teeth or chew problem... nothing! I am really more than happy and satisfied with it.

I would like to thank you for making such good food available and also at such an affordable price. You got my support and can be sure I will pass the message on too all dog people which are looking for a good food for their dogs.



Dear Dog Lovers Gold,

Our Chihuahua Lulu and our Labradoodle Bear of 4 months old, really like your food! After having tried countless of different kibbles for our Lulu we finally found one that she really enjoys. And since your formula is also suitable for pups, our labradoodle pup Bear is eating it as well. They are both looking very good. I say Dog Lovers Gold is the best!

Solange, Kelly,
Lulu and Bear
from Zeist in Holland

Dog show stand in Ireland