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I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product... We had literally tried 4 different brands of dog food due to our dogs allergy difficulties. DOG LOVERS GOLD delivered! He stopped itching and his wounds (from scratching) resolved! Thank you so much. We rescued him from the pound and he is a GREAT addition to our family. I was writing to inquire if your company makes dog treats? I am afraid to feed him any other treats due to his sensitivity. It would be great if you could make these treats with the same quality and care as your dog food! May God bless you,

Adam (loyal Dog Lover's Gold customer for life)


My dog George is 4 months old and has always been finicky about food. He would eat, but he was never very interested in eating. Well, the food we were using ran out and so we change on recommendation of the pet store to Dog Lovers Gold. I have attached the photo of what George thinks of your food. It is a whole new world! He eats every last morsel.

Thanks for your help in turning my pup into a eater!


Finally a food that works!

Dear Dog Lovers Gold,

Hi! My name is Melissa and my dog's name is Hoss. He is a 7 month old Great Dane mix who has had food issues ever since we brought him home at 8 weeks!

When he was just 3 months old he was diagnosed with C. Diff and was on mulitiple doses of Flagyl to help him. After this diagnosis, his intestinal tract has never been the same. We tried all sorts of food. Everything from grain free, to the really expensive foods. Nothing helped. After talking with Chris from The Natural Pet in North Royalton Ohio, she insisted we try Dog Lovers Gold. She said that many dogs who have issues like ours, have had success with your food. At that point, I had nothing left to lose. I brought your food home and within just a few days, his stool was back to normal. I was in complete disbelief! Your food is priced right and Hoss loves it! I will NEVER feed my dog anything else. So many people compliment him on how shiny and soft his coat is. I tell them what I feed him, and where they can get it. It's sad that more people don't know about your food! I have to drive a little further than I would like to get him his food, but the people there treat us like family and again, your food is worth it! I wanted to let you know how much Hoss and I appreciate your food. I have attatched a photo of Hoss for you to see how happy he is!

Melissa & Hoss Paruleski from Cleveland Ohio

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Hi, thought you guys would enjoy this!

Beth Murphy
Improve your life... adopt a greyhound

Dear Dog Lovers Gold,

I was referred to your product by a dog trainer out of Waxahachie, Texas who feeds Dog Lovers Gold to his performance, obedience, and protection dogs and recommends the food to all his clients. I started feeding my 1 1/2 year old pit bull and she has not only lost weight but her coat has improved as well as her obedience performance. She is more focused and has more energy for training. I have now also started feeding Dog Lover's Gold to my other 7 performance dogs and I can't thank you enough for your wonderful product and wanted to let you know that you have a large fan-base in Texas now thanks to Rob Boudreau. Your product features heavily on his website and I can't thank him enough for the recommendation of your food product. It has made a world of difference in my dogs and has helped improve our working relationships!

Genevieve Barr

Dog Lovers Gold is awesome!

I just have to tell you, thank you so much for making this food available, sooo... THANK YOU!

15 months ago I adopted a rescue dog. This little Shih Tzu was just 2 1/2 yrs. old. He had been raised on people food and absolutely would not eat dog food... even when I tried mixing it with our food to disguise the transition to dog food. I have had ┬┤Buddy` on just about every kind of canned and dry food and he just looks at me like I lost my mind trying to feed him 'animal food`! On the advice of his vet I started boiling chicken or turkey with white rice and mixing it with all kinds of things.He now is eating more dog food... Dog Lovers Gold! than he is eating the rice... and get this, when we go to bed he actually likes it as a treat! I have not weaned him all the way off the rice yet, but I should not have made so much! He is eating better, his hair looks healthier than ever before and I know he is getting all the things he needs to be healthy.

I went to Big's B's in Albany Oregon and the man there told this is the best for my 'baby'... just one more thing, he is actually enjoying this food... and no more 'dirty` looks from him.

Keep up the great job!
Janice Whiteis

The best dog we ever had

I've never done this kind of thing. I've never, in my life, sat down and took the time to send a company a note about how much I appreciate their product. We've had our dog since she was 6 years old and when we got her she was a little hard around the edges. Today She's 11 and the only difference now from 5 years ago is her temperament. I've had medium sized dogs all my life and every one of them started to feel the age at around 10 and slowed down from that point on. We've used your food Dog Lovers Gold and your food only since we got her and I firmly believe she'll outlast any animal we've ever had because of it. I just want to say thank you for that, because she's been the best dog we've ever had!


Putting on weight

Recently I switched to your food after trying many others foods. I was having trouble keeping weight on my dog, he is not a pure bred dog but he is a very active dog and runs a lot. I tried many other brands but with your food for the first time he is really starting to put on weight. His coat is beautiful and I also notice less stool. I am also very pleased with the costs of your food its less expensive than the other food I was feeding.

I have told all my friends and family about your Dog Lovers Gold and now some of them have changed to your food too! Thanks.

Sarah-Ann Vincento from New York

Great Stuff!

We own a kennel with American Bulldogs and also a few small working terriers. Most of our dogs are real muscular and strong and need lots of high quality food from good energy sources.The last 2 year we tried many differents foods such as Pro Plan, Diamond, California Natural and Eagle Pack Holistic but our dogs have never looked better and act full of energy. This food is great stuff!.

We are very pleased with the ideal meat and fat percentage in the food instead of other foods who are based on cereals. Some of our dogs are finicky eaters and they would simply stop eating but they really love your great food.... we also love your bulk-prices because that really saves us a lot of money Thank you for a great food at such a low cost. We support you all the way! All American Bulldog Breeders.

Gary & Amanda Weatherspoon Erie, Pa

Why can't all dog foods be this good?

Dear Sir....we are pleased to tell you that we are very happy with your product. We were advised by a friend who owns Australians Shepherds to try your food. We were a bit skeptical at first but from the start we noticed some amazing results!...and our dogs are crazy about it! We have done a lot of comparing with other brands and have found your ingredients listing amazingly most effective and nutritious We like the fact it has no beet pulp and other harmful fillers. We have tried almost every other product but can truly say your food is absolutely one of the best on the market today!

The ingredients you use are awesome! Why can't all dog foods be as good as yours? We especially like the fact you use only whole brown rice as a carb source and not the polished white rice. We also like the ingredient fish oil instead of the lesser quality sunflower oil that most other brands use. We use raw feedings in combination with your feed and finally are satisfied to have found an answer to our questions. Your product has shown us not all dry foods are bad!

We also love our dogs and therefore we now feed our fresh products in combination with Dog Lovers Gold only and it works great! Your food is the best kept secret in town. Thank you guys George and Peggy Allen - Golden Retrievers fanciers from Portland, OR.

Second to none

Many thanks for your second to none formula dog food. I have tried so many different foods and was never more pleased before. I raise several litters a year of Bernese Mountain dogs and Saint Bernard dogs. All my dogs eat the food with great pleasure, I really like the all life stages formula because it eliminates the need to switch foods ... all dogs look great, act great and have beautiful shiny coats!

I like some other brands too like Innova and Wysong but I like your Dog Lovers Gold better because of the less and firmer stools and of course the much more affordable price. We pay $35 for a bag here in Washington instead of $40 or much more for the other foods.

Francess Burleson, Washington

I wish I would have known about this food years ago

My Name is Lil Herbstritt.
I've been the owner of a Devon Rex Cattery (Lilac Hill) for twenty years.

Last year I had many visits to the Vet with my best stud, Robbie. They diagnosed his problem as irritable bowel syndrome. The Vet ordered medication and a special food, Hill's Science Diet WD. Weeks later he still had the problem of throwing up and loose bowels. Robbie was a sick boy.
I thought I was going to lose him.

Then my stepson introduced me to Cat Lover's Gold... I figured all that expensive cat food I was getting from the Vet wasn't helping so I'd try something different. I decided to put the whole cattery on it...even Robbie.

You should see him now. Healthy, happy, muscular and a beautiful coat! He has not thrown up or had the runs since the first day he was on Cat Lover's Gold. I also have another stud named Artimus who came to me with a very patchy coat, so bad that even though he was a Devon, he couldn't be entered in a Cat Show. He has been eating the Cat Lovers Gold for the same length of time Robbie has. You would never know it was the same cat. What a coat!! Also he fathers beautiful kittens. I wish I would have known about this food years ago. It would have saved me many dollars in the cost of the food, Vet bills and I'd would have had happier Devons, like I have now.

Lil Herbstritt of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Dear Dog Lover's Gold,

I have 3 Flat Coated Retrievers. They are all very active Dogs. Before I changed to Dog Lover's Gold, I had struggled with ear infections with my dog Kilo for almost 2 years. I tried every kind of dog food and treatment to clear him of this chronic infection. I switched him to Dog Lover's Gold and limited treats to non soy, wheat and corn products.

Within 2 weeks I saw a noticeable improvement and I have been able to maintain his ear problem ever since. Your food has been a life saver for me and for him. I can't thank you enough for this product. I have seen a huge improvement in all the dogs coats. My active field dog Murphy had a very dry, coarse coat from all the water activity he does. He now has a very soft, shiny coat and has been able to maintain that with continued water work.

Because of your product, I will have no problem taking him out of the field and into the show ring. My agility dog Kal has showed noticeable improvement in his coat and has been able to maintain a good weight and energy with the food. I've noticed very good digestibility in all the dogs. I would suggest for anyone who is thinking about a natural food for their dogs or anyone who has had any kind of allergy problems to try your food. Actually, I can't think of why anyone at all wouldn't want to use this food. I know they will be most impressed.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

Cindy Tulpa, Kilo, Kal, Murphy

Thanks so much

Thanks so much I would be happy to tell you about one of my cats. She was sick and had IBS real bad and food went through her and did no good. The Vet told me it was time to put her to sleep because we had tried everything; foods, med. and nothing worked, she was 2 pounds and almost gone when I heard about your food so I got some and she has been on it for a few months.
She weighs 8 pounds now and well... no more IBS... it is gone.
I am doing a new web page and if its ok I want to put info on Cat Lovers Gold on it so other people that buy my kittens can get it too.

Ruth Mushrush, Joshua, Texas.

Denali will be on this for life

I read the testimonials on a lot of products and they seem a little predictable.....I never thought I would be writing one but here I am.

My Golden Retriever, Denali has had multiple allergy issues all of his life. He has had chronic ear infections, a rash on his anal area, and between his paws. He also has hip dysplasia and arthritis. We have taken more trips to the vet then I could count for these issues. Their solution was to try putting Denali on every dog food conceivable. We have tried duck and potato, even kangaroo and potato, Solid Gold, and countless others. Nothing worked and Denali seemed to get worse. The vet told me that the next step was allergy testing, and it was very expensive.

My friend Cindy convinced me to try just one more food. Denali has been on the Dog Lovers Gold for two months now. His ears have never been this clear! His rash on his paws and anal area has completely cleared up! After 5 years of trying every food imaginable! I was even considering going to a raw diet. When I switched his food, I mixed it with the old and gradually increased the new food. However, I switched containers and ended up putting the mixed food (the old and new) on the bottom. Pretty smart eh?

Well last week we got down to the bottom and Denali ate the old and new mixed for just 3 days. We were right back to the same problems with the ears and paws, etc! I couldn't believe it. I immediately dumped the mix and opened a fresh bag of Dog Lovers Gold. Denali cleared right up!
His coat has always been nice but now it is gorgeous!

My husband works out of town during the week and is home on weekends. He hadn't seen Denali all week. When he came home he couldn't believe how great Denali looked. I have been having a terrible time getting weight off of Denali and only feeding 2 cups of food per day to a 79lb Golden Retriever, not much food. Well, I continued to feed the same amount of your food and I just weighed Denali and he has lost 4lbs in 2 months! I have been trying for 2 years to get about 10lbs off of him. I will also say that there is much less waste in the yard, and that is a very good thing!

I thank you for introducing Denali to this food and couldn't be happier with the results. Even the skeptical Laura was blown away by Denali's results and is switching all 5 of her dogs to your food! Keep that one to yourself, LOL. Denali will be on this for life. I am also getting a Flat coat Retriever on October 1st. He will be 10 weeks old when I get him.

I am enclosing a few pictures of Denali. The first is about 4 months ago, you can see the stained paws from Denali chewing at them, and the extra weight on him. The second picture is a little blurry but taken moments ago in the front yard, and it is a little dark here right now. Notice how much better his paws look, and he is a little thinner, and his eyes aren't all puffy from allergies, and his coat is beautiful!! I hope to see your food available in more places soon!

Heather Dawson
Phone: 360-574-6309

Extremely pleased!

We have tried several different dog foods, some of which were OK. However, I really liked the ingredients in Dog Lover's Gold, so we decided to give it a try.
Levi, my Border Terrier, has been on Dog Lover's Gold now for about eleven months and is doing very well. He loves the food and always looks forward to meal time. The fact that the food is made from all natural and human grade ingredients gives me a real sense of security because I know Levi is getting the nutrition that he needs and not extra's that he doesn't need. Levi competes in both obedience and agility trials so he needs to be in good condition and feeling good all the time. The food has really agreed with him. He is energetic, his eyes are very bright and his coat is great! I am extremely pleased with the food and with my dogs health and condition. We definitely will continue with this food.

Martha Parks, Oregon.

WOW, I love it!

Hi my name is Bill Vincent. We live on a small farm and have five dogs. One German Hunt Terrier, two Jack Russels, one German Shorthair and one German Shepherd. In my life I have owned and cared for hundreds of dogs. I have tried most of the current dog foods and found them all to be lacking in some way. That is until I tried Dog Lovers Gold. WOW, I love it, more important my dogs love it. They look and perform fantastic. It is the best all around food I have ever fed. No more skin problems, loose stools, lack of stamina etc... I was so impressed I am now a dealer. I will stake my reputation as a dog owner, breeder and trainer that if you try a bag you and your dog will love it. I guarantee it.

Sincerely Bill Vincent, Girard, PA.

Wonderful coats!

We want to thank you for your efforts in keeping us abreast of the current issues regarding the pet food recall. It is comforting to know that the list of ingredients in Dog Lover's Gold (DLG) is short and of the highest quality, and domestically grown. We have fed DLG to our Shiba Inus since 2005 and have seen nothing but great results in our dogs. Their coats are wonderful, their coat color exceptional, and they are healthy and vigorous. 2007 has been one of our best show seasons ever, and we attribute a portion of our success to DLG.

Thanks again!

Ken & Lucy Tracy.Sanshou Shibas.